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An amazing sight in my garden this weekend: I was harvesting fresh dill for pickles and found not just one but two of these beautiful caterpillars on my dill plants. After a bit of research, I discovered they’re destined to be black swallowtail butterflies, of which we’ve seen a number of this year. Turns out these caterpillars like dill (and parsley and fennel)…I had no idea!

black swallowtail butterfly caterpillar photo


black swallowtail caterpiller_8.4.13 010

Luckily, they were both quite cooperative; it seems that if you bump or disturb one, they send out a horrible odor as a deterrent.

It looks like I’ll be leaving some dill up strictly for our newest garden members.

17 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. The caterpillars are amazing. Love fresh dill. Used to quick pickle cucumbers and onions when I had a garden. Slice and into brine mix in the morning and serve in the evening.

    • They are incredibly beautiful up close! I’m a bit of a pickle nut so I do quick pickles, fermented pickles plus canned. ?Keeps me busy!

  2. Lovely caterpillars (nice bokeh). If you like butterflies, you might be interested in checking out my sister-in-law’s blog. She’s quite the expert on two-winged identification, tagging, migration routes and pro-butterfly activism (plus there’s always a good photo or two on her posts). Ken

    • Ken, thanks so much for the site link! Looking forward to checking it out! My fascination with butterflies is somewhat new but I really enjoy them.

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