Simple, Beautiful Swiss Chard

Yes, I’ve been very busy in my gardens. Flowers and veggies and mulch, oh my. But I’ve also tried to relax a bit and enjoy the early summer. A screened-in patio with a ceiling fan and hammock really help with the whole “letting go” process. I’m thinking once we get our new hot tub up and running, I’ll be the queen of letting go. Honestly, you may never hear from me again.

Along with summer comes fresh veggies sometimes prepared in the simplest of ways. Warm, lazy evenings call for low-fuss and high-flavor. Freshly picked Swiss Chard begs for just a touch of heat and a bit of oil and acidity to make it glow.

lola rugula easy way to prepare swiss chard

I like to pick my Swiss chard while it’s still somewhat small but honestly, I love it no matter what size the stalks. Like a number of my recipes, this isn’t overly exact or complicated.

Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a hot pan. Drop in a couple of healthy handfuls of clean Swiss chard. Sprinkle on about a teaspoon of kosher or sea salt. With a pair of tongs, toss the chard around just until wilted. Sprinkle on a few drops of rice or balsamic vinegar. (Fresh lemon juice is nice, too!) Serve.

I warned you it was simple.

11 thoughts on “Simple, Beautiful Swiss Chard

      • Yes, I think so too. Especially from these ‘top chefs’, they really add extras that aren’t needed. My pet hate is adding Olive Oil to everything, especially after they have all ready added butter and goodness know what else!!! I think oil can be great as a dressing, but some chefs just drown everything in it all of the time. I love the fact that your recipes are delicate, celebrate taste and don’t mask the original flavours! 🙂

        • I love an extravagant dish now and then but holy cow who has the time and energy to cook like that everyday? And it does seem like olive oil gets added to anything and everything lately. Personally, I’ve become a huge fan of grapeseed oil, maybe because it’s lighter tasting. Thank you for the kind words – I know so many people who are intimidated by cooking and all I try to do is show them that great tasting food doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be)

          • Yes, as do I, but that is true – time isn’t always available!!! Yes, that is it – it is O.T.T!!!!! Yeah, I think because of all these TV chefs, they advocate too many fancy ingredients and silly prep times; as you write, it is unnecessary!!!!

            • Cooking shows and famous chefs have reached the point now where they’re just all trying to out-do each other. It’s just reach the point of silliness. People want to learn to cook beef wellington when meanwhile, they can’t even make a simple salsa or soup. Craziness.

    • Like most greens, the smaller leaves are much more tender and sweet. Sadly most of the chard in stores is overly large, which is why I now grow it myself!

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