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Okay, call me crazy but this year we decided to grow the Bhut Jolokia Pepper, aka the Ghost Chile. The Ghost Chile was, until it was ousted this year by the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper, considered the hottest chilê pepper in the world.

I started ours indoors in February and here’s what it looks like now, in our garden:

It seemed a little slow going at the start, but once the days became longer and warmer, she really took off. After the transplant into the garden, she took really well, with very little shock. And I truly think she’s loving these last few hot days. I will keep you posted of her progress as the season goes.

Aside from our Ghost Chilê, I also planted Poblano’s, Anaheim’s, Jalapeno’s, Sweet Red and Yellow Bells, Hot Red Cherry’s, Holy Molê’s and Chilaca’s. Whew. I’ve got 3 Hot Red Cherry’s going, because I like to can them and then stuff them at the holidays with prosciutto and provolone.

We’ve been enjoying our Easter Egg Radishes already, since they were one of the first into the garden.


Gorgeous, aren’t they? We love radishes and the Easter Egg variety has proven to be the most prolific for our climate and soil.

If you’re a seed starter like I am, I highly recommend Totally Tomatoes for a great selection of tomatoes and peppers. I’ve ordered from them for years and their seeds always start for me, with wonderful results.

Happy gardening everyone!

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