how to slay a dragon (fruit)

Is it weird that I often get stopped by strangers in the grocery store and asked how I prepare or eat something? This usually happens in the produce section, I think because people genuinely want to try new things, they just aren’t sure how to go about it. Artichokes are still what I get asked the most about, but I’ve been stopped for a number of foods and this one is the latest: Dragon Fruit.

I was so excited to see these at our local grocery store because I’ve never seen them around before. So when a lady stopped and asked “Can I ask you how you prepare those?” and I answered “I have no idea!”, she looked a little taken aback. I don’t know if she was shocked because I was buying something I had no clue how to eat or if she was simply wishing I could tell her how to prepare the damned things.

But I really had no idea.

I’ve heard of dragon fruit but I’ve never had them, so I couldn’t exactly be the voice of authority on preparing them, could I?

Behold, the Dragon Fruit:

how to prepare and eat dragon fruitAfter a little bit of research, I learned that my instincts on selecting a fruit with a little bit of give to it was correct. You don’t want the fruit to be overly-soft or squishy, but it should have some give similar to a ripe kiwi or avocado.

Here’s what it looks like when you cut into it:

how to prepare and eat dragon fruit

Isn’t it gorgeous?

I’ve read that there’s also a variety where the fruit inside is red, which I’m sure is just as stunning when sliced.

Is it also weird that I get this excited about fruit? Maybe. Hmmmm.

Anyway, since this was my first experience with it, I simply cut it into cubes for my husband and I to try. It has a very mild flavor that I’d describe as a mix between kiwi and melon. Very light, a hint of sweetness and the seeds give it tiny little bursts of crunch.

how to prepare and eat dragon fruitEven if you end up not being a huge fan of dragon fruit, it would really be a beautiful conversation starter at your next party or get together. And if someone you know is having a Game of Thrones party, well….need I say more?

7 thoughts on “how to slay a dragon (fruit)

  1. RoscoeRamblings says:

    Beautiful! Did you purchase it from Valli? Mr. RR is a big Game of Thrones fan and is currently reading A Clash of Kings. Maybe I’ll have to buy him one to eat as a late night reading snack! 🙂

    • Hilander in Roscoe, believe it or not! They had them in the new fruit/vegetable bin towards the very back of the produce section…the one right before you get to the back wall where the ‘shrooms and stuff are now. My husbands a huge Game of Thrones fan so that’s what made me think of the show!

    • Pithaya sounds much more beautiful than Dragon Fruit. I’ve seen photos of them with red flesh but haven’t tried them;though they are really beautiful!

  2. I just added three new blogs to our reading list and so glad yours is one of them. I knew I was not in “the wrong place” the moment I began to read. 🙂 Each Saturday, I publish a highlight of a few blogs I have read during the week and wanted to add new good reads for us to bring into the New Year. Mission accomplished. Glad to meet you and looking forward to reading more. Have a wonderful New Year.

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