thank you so very, very much

Today is my one year anniversary of starting this blog. Before I let more time pass, I must say thank you to some wonderful blogger friends who’ve done me a great honor by giving me some blogging awards.

Michelle, at And That’s All She Wrote, makes me laugh and cry, sometimes all in the same post. Michelle awarded me with The Versatile Blogger Award, which is such a lovely compliment to me! She has almost literally risen from the ashes and reaffirms my belief that people can have an innate goodness about them, no matter what hell they’ve been through. She’s also one hell of a cook.

Mike, the author who blogs about his book, The Eye Dancers, and so much more, is one of my escape blogs. I love to read and can lose myself in his short stories and posts. Mike awarded me The Shine On Award (oh, how I love the name of that!).  I’ve read his book and, if you’re a fan of King or Koontz like I am, I recommend you pick it up.

Shaun, over at Praying for One Day has been kind enough to award me with The Dragon’s Loyalty Award and The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Shaun, from Scotland, has Chronic Pain Syndrome and yet, through it all, he remains amazingly optimistic. I hope you’ll visit his blog and follow along on his journey; he has a fantastic sense of humor and a true sense of what’s important.

I may not be able to do these awards justice and pass on the blogger love like I should, but I hope you’ll visit their sites. I believe you’ll find yourself as inspired by their courageousness, their talent, their laughter, their tears, their struggles and their successes as much as me.


12 thoughts on “thank you so very, very much

    • Michelle you are way too kind to me – I am just terrible with getting posts out and even worse at getting award posts out! Thank you so much but you must give this to someone truly deserving of your awesomeness.

      • HAHA! You don’t have to ever get around to doing this award. It still stands though. You’re a pretty awesome person. SO many times, I don’t have time to do these awards and I’m probably going to take a break from them soon… like now. lol My blog is beginning to look like I have a HUGE ego and only want to talk about how wonderful people think I am! Not to mention the time that it takes. I think I’ll start doing them when I can’t think of something else I want to write about. Or for when I’m in the hospital and can’t think straight enough to write about something serious. lol

  1. Thanks so much, Lesley! Your words about The Eye-Dancers (both the book and the site) are very kind.:) Keep up the wonderful work on your great site! I always enjoy what you have to say!–Mike

  2. I never did tell you thank you for this post. It was beautiful and I’m honored and humbled. You brought tears to my eyes, for real. You are a blessing to me really. (((hugs)))

  3. Lola–Sorry I missed this. Congratulations! It takes a certain amount of fortitude to continue posting for a year. Good luck on your second! ken

    • Thanks Ken – I’ve not been a great blogger lately; spring keeps beckoning me outdoors. I have great fun doing this when I can though, so thank you very much!

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