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I love reading books and almost always have one that I’m engrossed in. My favorite books to read are suspense, humor and true crime – that’s a nice mix, isn’t it? But I also enjoy books on gardening, health and cooking.

I’d love to write my own book but time and talent are both in short supply in that endeavor. I am, however, lucky enough to have a number of friends who’ve written their own books, which I recommend:

  • The Wealth Diet by Kathy Zant. This book is about realigning your mindset towards greater wealth, abundance and happiness, which I’m pretty sure is something we could all use.
  • Ida Louise and the Lucky Sweater by Julie Augensen is a lovely children’s book that also teaches a wonderful lesson. This is a great gift idea too, in which case I recommend an autographed copy addressed to the child of your choice!

And if you are interested in writing, especially youth writing, please check out Jodell Sadler, who does editing, teaching, illustration, design, and workshops.

This post came about because Jodell and I were discussing books on her Facebook page and she recommended Brain on Fire, which I cannot wait to read. I recommended to her Every Bush is Burning by Brandon Clements. I just finished Brandon’s book and was so moved, that I tweeted about it. And he was amazing enough to respond to my tweet, which raised my already high impression of him all the more.

So I know this is a very short post but just a little worm in your head if you’re a reader or interested in writing. If you’ve read a great book lately, I would love to hear about it…I’m always searching out new books and authors to lose myself in.

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  1. I actually just started reading yours Kathy. I picked it up once but felt I was in the wrong frame of mind, but now I’m fully engrossed! And I already got Claire an autographed copy of Ida Louise, I just have to send it your way. : ) It’s a cute story and a beautiful book to boot!

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