mother nature is a cruel mistress

Freeze Warning out tonight in Northern Illinois. We live up on a hill just a bit…not exactly Kilimanjaro but a hill, nonetheless.

We don’t have anything that I’m truly worried about. If I attempted the mad feat of covering all our blooming plants, I’d be digging through our heirloom linens to attempt to protect the plants that we have. Lilacs, magnolias, blueberries, asparagus, flowering perennials, flowering bulbs…

Have I mentioned that I’ve already planted Easter Egg Radishes, Detroit Red Beets and Scallions?

Not worried about them either – all cool weather plants that can take an April freeze.

Okay, we do have a little artichoke plant that survived the winter and I’m a tad bit worried about it. But I covered it in leaves so I think she’ll be fine. (plants are mostly “she’s” aren’t they? resilient and adaptable?)

And dear, dear husband did go ahead with planting our Chilaca Pepper plant last week, but he’s using a professional garden cover for that (aka: a garbage can).

I hope everyone in my neck of the woods is watching the weather and their plants….a gentle reminder to never plant your tender summer plants too early, no matter what mother nature tries to tell you.

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