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After trying for 3 years, I’m finally – successfully! – growing artichokes. I’ll be posting my entire journey through this at a later date, but here’s my photo of the first harvested one:


Gardening is a beautiful thing.

8 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

    • Lesley at Lola Rugula says:

      Oh no! I’d be crushed. We can only grow them as annuals here though I’m still going to try and over – winter them. I wonder what happened to yours!

  1. This is an amazing picture!

    Best stuffed artichoke I ever had – 30 years ago – in Manhattan, in a restaurant owned by none other than Grandpa Munster. Or the guy who played Grandpa Munster. He was much more jovial on screen than in person. He walked around his restaurant puffing on a cigar, scowling at people. BUT man, I still remember that stuffed artichoke!

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