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Thanks to Mother Nature’s generous spirit, it finally hasn’t rained here for 2 whole days. This means I actually got to go outside again and dig around in the dirt for a few hours. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit chilly out and the wind today is not kind, so my efforts were shorter-lived than I’d planned.

Though crocus has been up for weeks now, daffodils and other little bulbs are showing their blooms finally. This is a shot of what I’ve always called woodland flowers – tiny but beautiful!

purple woodland flowers

So, after crazy husband and I spent way too much money at Village Green, a local garden shop, yesterday, a morning in our own gardens reminded me of how much I really enjoy flowers.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

15 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

    • Thanks Jerry! They’re not really a wildflower – they’re bulb flowers that were here when we moved in to our house many moons ago. I love ’em though!

  1. A wonderful image Lesley and it is often the way that when we visit a garden shop or a great deli we feel compelled either to look at our gardens and wonder what if ….?? or aim for the kitchen to cook something different for the evening supper. I hope you have a wonderful weekend what ever you have planned. Regards, James

    • Thank you James and yes, I’m always on the lookout for new flowers AND new food. We’re supposed to be having our first 70+ day of the year this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to get outside and enjoy it. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. The thing that always amazes me about spring is how, every year, I feel as though I’ve never seen it before. The color of those flowers is a perfect example.

    I hope it warms up there soon. We’re still scraping our windshields in the morning, but my son and I played catch yesterday, so at least winter is over. (Uh oh. I shouldn’t have said that.)

    Beautiful post. Thank you.

    • We’ve had beautiful weather the last few days – it’s even supposed to reach 80 tomorrow but then another cold front is due through. *sigh*. At least it will be back into the 50’s and not the 30’s!

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