Homemade Herbal Vinegar

In my last post, I promised to share an easy way to use an over-abundance of fresh herbs from your garden and here it is: homemade herbal vinegar.

lola rugula homemade herbal vinegar

I just love these and they make beautiful house-warming gifts!

This is all there is to it:

  • Fresh herbs, rinsed well and dried well – handle them gently here – you don’t want to crush their oils out of them before you make the vinegar
  • Vinegar – I prefer white wine vinegar or rice vinegar, which you can get seasoned (with salt and sugar) or not seasoned. Both of these are light-tasting vinegar that will show off the color of whatever herbs you add to them
  • Bottles or jars with lids, a pan, a chopstick or wood skewer, and a funnel

Using a chopstick or skewer, pack your fresh herbs into a clean bottle. In a pan, bring your vinegar to a boil & turn off heat. Using a funnel, fill the bottle with the hot vinegar. (Be careful!). Cap and let sit at least for 3-5 days before using, though it’s usually a few weeks before the flavor truly develops. Herbs that I’ve tried that work great with this: Tarragon, Purple Basil, Green Basil, Thyme & Rosemary. But feel free to experiment with different herbs and combinations. I’ve seen where people also add dried chile’s to their mix, but I never have.

Purple basil is one of my favorites for this – the flavor is great and the color that’s created with the fresh basil and vinegar is gorgeous.

What do you do with your plethora of summer herbs?

It's always nice to hear your comments...