i don’t want to have to shoot you bambi

We’ve never really had a lot of problems with the deer in our area eating our vegetables.

Well, okay, there was the year of the “Pepper Plants Incident” a few years back. They munched off the top of all my pepper plants and we were late getting peppers that year. They didn’t discriminate either – ate the tops of all of them. Obviously, the actual plants of jalapenos and hot red cherry peppers aren’t hot themselves. I did humor myself by imagining a couple of deer with their greedy little mouths on fire, but it did little to quell my anger at my compromised pepper production.

This year – thank you drought – it seems to be a free-for-all in our garden. They’ve eaten corn stalks, cucumber plants, tomato plants, and our zucchini plant, along with half a zucchini.

Nothing’s been eaten all the way to oblivion mind you, but enough to annoy the hell out of me.

We have 2 veggie gardens – the peppers being in a now fenced-in garden, alongside our green beans, Swiss chard, arugula, lettuce and onions – and now I’ve had to replant the cucumbers in there too.

Anyone who’s grown zucchini knows there a usually a few to spare, so I’m not too worried just yet. We’ve already had a number of meals out of the 1 plant we have.

Interestingly enough, they haven’t touched our tomatillo or patty pan squash plants. Bambi’s somewhat picky, it seems.

And no, I’m not really planning on shooting any deer in my backyard. Yet.

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